Tuesday, October 8

10E2255: Capita Microscope

The snowboard brand Capita do a great job of explicating their boards with these product vids. Never met this guy but their sales manager Johan Malkoski is an East Coast transplant to the North West and a charismatic SOB. Also a father, so knows how to equip kids and speak to parents about the process.

In years past their kids board the Microscope would graphically take its cue from its big brother the Horrorscope, "with toned down graphics so mom doesn't get pissed off..." as Johan says, but this year it has its own look.

The construction of the board has stayed identical over the last few years; flex rating of 3, true twin tip, flatkick between insert points, slight reverse camber, and 3° convex bevel to the edge (to reduce hangups).

You can get last year's model right now for $150 - not at all bad if you plan to pass it down.