Monday, August 2

llbean signature -f/w2010

Go to any autumn potluck or community dinner around our way and these sorts of clothes from LLBean Signature F/W2010 would be the uniform. And has been that way for almost 50 years. Saying that lovingly. Looks wearable as hell. A whipcord suit w/ working sleeve buttons and elbowP's (couldn't find a shot of the loden colored one), slightly *ahem* shaggy Shetland sweater and flannel trousers (you had me at "sears..."), plus chamois shirts in that OG fleshy color... sign me up. And the brown LLBean duffel bag -finally. Ok, not the darker brown we know and love but calling the color kindling almost makes up for it... Bunch of ripped-from-the-archive stuff. More in the pipeline as well.