Friday, August 20

peru fair look -2010

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The annual (except 2 blips, and 29th) Peru Fair, in the township of Peru, southern VT will go ahead rain or shine on Saturday September 25th. Over 100 crafty and food vendors will be there as well as an estimated 6,000 attendees. A motley and hokey/fantastic parade starts at 9:45am, feel free to join in kids...

If you are from the area it is a yearly chance to bump into everyone you know pretty much, though part of the draw is definitely the pig roast -a 3 pig spitroast, cooked overnight, served w/ the usual trimmings of applesauce, b&b and coleslaw. Yum. Get there by 2 though or it will be gone. One year the meat locker forgot to deliver them split. No problem for the forestry boys... Read my further thoughts on the Fair or get updates via their facespace which is being managed by my Sis.

Levis x Filson shooting shirt. They even have some left...

Levis jacket. Mine. Already bleached when I got it from the Thrifty, but only on the front. Not sure if the owner got dowsed with chemicals or what… 2 pockets; the only way to go.

Work gloves from Brookville or Northstar or someone - in case you want to help the Fire Dept with the pig roast.

Large canvas bag to haul your loot – by TB&W.

Mocs. Arrow w/ crepe soles.

Miner’s pants from Orvis by Rising Sun.

Write down the names of people you meet in your County Fair notebook. Then tip your cap.

Me and the mannie learn clogging.
Wow, we were young here...
Pig remnants in background.