Thursday, October 6

peru fair 2011 -wrap up

2 weeks ago we headed back up to Peru, Vermont for the annual (30th now) town fair.
Remember Tropical storm Irene? This is all post-Irene, but we didn't see too much damage till we got to Jamaica.

There used to be a bridge here. The detour takes you down Water Street,
past some half demolished houses. This video shows what happened.

Half of the fun for me is hanging out with the fire department as they cook the 3 pigs for the Saturday BBQ.
As you walk towards it you get a massive noseful of smokey bacon. Rule: you gotta flip them every 30 minutes

Fat dripping. Mmmmm

Or else they get dry. Oh wait, no they don't...

Next day. Headed down for the parade. Burma shave signs at right.

  • "Bring a friend; bring your kin.
  • Get barbeque sauce on your
  • Chinny chin chin.
  • Our clowns and whimseys
  • will make you grin.
  • The 30th Peru Fair is about to begin."

Just walk up and down . Lose your friends. Meet other friends.

THIS is how you light some coals...

$10 well spent. Cider included.

If you want the pink monogramming like Sis here, you'll have to call LLBean specially...

Crackling. Hand stamp. Leather trimmed cuffs. Pops.

After paint your own cookies, awesome hot dogs, a magic show, roast corn and more cookies the boys retreat.


Last thing. A few years ago at the Peru Fair they had some demos and we met an old gent that made 3 tine hay forks, basically from 1 piece of wood split and shaped.

An onlooker said "So how many do you think you have made?" to which he replied. "2,116..."
"How can you be sure?" the onlooker asked.
"Because I write the number on each one..." came the dry reply.

He said his first job as apprentice was to make the tools (wooden mallets etc) that he was then to use for the rest of his career.