Wednesday, October 19

wham -back but thankfully they never left

You might have to be a child of the 80s living in Britain to remember Wham bars. And probably have to have lived in Scotland to remember Wham Brew Bars (basically Irn Bru flavoured).

Long short, McCowans confectioners with their small factory in Falkirk could not make the finances work for this top selling UK sweety, and so have gone into receivership. This sent ripples of nostalgia around some quarters [sweet shop reference -ed.]. The Wham legacy was however pulled from the fire by an English confectioner, who will begin to make them in York. The Skegness Standard tells me a few more jobs wil be lost as the old packing plant is closed too.

I asked Oma to go into a few sweet shops in Edinburgh and scoop up some of the (what I thought might be last) examples of these classic sweets. Finally, in The Toddle-In (featured on 10e before here)... well I'll let her words speak for themselves.
totally scored!
Wham Bars
Irn Bru
Highland Toffee Bars -no cows on the wrapper anymore (more like a chew bar ) ah well those were the days

got the lowdown on the takeover etc from guy in shop and he said we are "safe" for supplies for about 6 mths

classic old dear shop assistant eating her lunch behind the counter and totally ignoring me
so the guy served and gave me the latest
evidently McCowans were going to go in with Millers who are famous for Pandrops (Uncle Bill used to sneak us one in Aberdour Church as the sermon was about to start!)

you don't get all this buying online
even if it is grams now and not a 1/4 of whatever ---- and some of the packaging has changed