Thursday, December 9


If you are a completist you will already know, but if you bought the Tron: Legacy OST this week and are maybe feeling underwhelmed then do some homework [cute -ed.] and dig through the older Crydamoure releases. We got the compilation Waves when it came out and still listen the hell out of it. Thought I'd posted this up last year but guess not. #musthave
Crydamoure (a variation of the French phrase cri d'amour or "cry of love" in English) is a French house record label owned by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, one half of the duo Daft Punk.

The label was founded in 1997 ... by de Homem-Christo and his label co-owner Eric Chedeville (under the guise of Le Knight Club).

The launch of Crydamoure (absent of Thomas Bangalter) was a chance for de Homem-Christo to embark on a sound different from Daft Punk, and also a chance to bring budding new producers such as Romain Séo (Raw Man) and Paul de Homem-Christo (Play Paul; brother of Guy-Manuel) into the limelight.