Thursday, November 13

pawlet game supper this saturday

Chicken pie and wild game to be served at the 40th Pawlet Game Supper.

Via the Manchester Journal. "Enjoy a taste of the wild and the not so wild at the 40th Annual Chicken Pie and Wild Game Supper at the Pawlet Firehouse on Saturday, Nov. 15. The firehouse is located on Rte. 133 in Pawlet. Serving starts at 5pm and the line forms quick."

The menu is bear roast, moose meatballs, venison sausage, venison stew, venison roast and chicken pie. There will also be vegetable salads, mashed potatoes and homemade pie for dessert. $12 for adults, $6 children under 12. If that isn't clear enough call Ellen at 325-3495.

Tip from us... it is BYOB so bring the cooler. You can also make like our smart (in point of fact they are rocket scientists...) cousins and bring a tupperware, buy 2 dinners and take one home. It is long tables and communal seating. Awesome.

The drive along Route 30 from Manchester/Dorset to Pawlet is fantastic, a big valley floor and dairy farms. Pic below from flickr, courtesy of tballred9873.