Friday, November 7

that long haul look -sis

Sis took the time to compile her long-haul travel look. There is a huge difference between brighten-you-up-pink and pinky-pepto-pukey-pink, and Helgs gets it right every time.

"Always wear birkies, comfy and no hassle for that take your shoes off security gate moment. Pashmina: doubles as a blanket for the chilly airplane and no need to use the scratchy airline blankets. Would love to just get on board with lounge pants, but don’t want to do a Paris in juicy-velour, so broken in jeans may be the order of the day, with a classic cardi and posh t-shirt. Not exactly the outfit to get you upgraded, but guaranteed non-wrinkle so you look fresh on arrival.

Bring snacks. They never give you enough. Perfect with that first G&T or ubiquitous Heineken (IBK – international beer of kitchens). They never have any fresh lime though, might have to start bringing those too. Hostess: keep them coming!

The latest celeb trash for entertainment and then something serious. New one, the history of Widow Cliqout. Perfect time to catch up on the things that really matter and then settle in for the long haul with some tunes (new and old).

Pre-landing essentials: freshen up with Carmex."
[update: BTW, what the hell with people dragging huge carry-on luggage then being shocked, shocked that is wont fit in the overhead. The only joy of flying nowadays for me is that some else is carrying my bags...]