Monday, November 3


"Conviction reformers begin with an imagined nirvana and work backwards through self-serving facts and draconian instructions. They are made ridiculous by their own unmovable orthodoxy. Pragmatic reformers start with the problem, not the solution, and make it better..."

This is actually referring to organic farming in the context of a restaurant review, and found in a slightly posionous column by the Times' (London Times chaps) restaurant critic AA Gill. Further reading.

More; "It (the organic movement ed.)invented the most illiberal, unegalitarian, two-tier food market. There was good, healthy Oxfordshire food, and then there was the poisonous, processed, cancerous muck that the rest of you stuffed into your toothless faces. The organic movement made food the distinction of class and privilege that it hadn’t been for a hundred years, and for that alone it should be eternally and utterly ashamed of itself."

Some truths here. The fact that healthy food is looked on as highfalutin is testamount to the fact that something has gone seriously wrong somewhere...