Monday, November 17

pawlet game supper -update

4.59pm. Line starts to form.

In the door, first sitting.

Bingo. Not f'in around.

Chedddar goes with apple pie. What the hell... cheddar goes with everything!

Last weekend was the game supper in Pawlet, Vermont. I missed it (doing this instead, which was very worthwhile) but family was there and took some shots. Thanks Mike.

"In the venison and moose stews, nearly 30 pounds of meat was used. Another 120 pounds of meat was ground to make the meatballs and sausages. The roasted meats — bear, venison and moose — totaled 60 pounds. Most of the free-range meats are donated by hunters for the dinner, but some does come courtesy of the game warden."
Via a very slow link to the Rutland Herald.