Wednesday, December 4

10E2287: Rumpl

I am halfway through reading The White Spider, about the first successful ascent of the Eiger's north face (where the brand name North Face comes from don't ya know...). Anyhow amidst all the crampons through the hand and campstove coffee are fascinating bivouac descriptions detailing the rest periods taken by the climbers. Then through the inbox comes this; Rumpl.

"A modern blanket inspired by active lifestyles and made from materials developed for the outdoor industry."

Aimed at home and travel use (quite apart from the cheeky image above) - they are doing the Kickstarter/presale dance to get going. Synthetic inner and outer made from "ultra-fine 20D Ripstop nylon and coated with DWR to repel water, even after many washes". For those not into wool blankets and want wash/dry ease this might be a good option. Holiday delivery possible it looks like. More here.