Monday, December 9

10E2291: Christmas Shopping Tips No 1 – Saving Money

When not creating hand-knit tweed ties or securing thrift store sweaters (unworn), our Scottish mum rattles off amusing notes. Been collecting them for a while but this one timely...  

"Start your trip into town with first on the list being "buy some wrapping paper" –preferably 2 or 3 rolls of the really heavy kind 10 meters and all encased in cellophane. 
Very awkward to start with and really off putting to further shopping... These have to be the most unwieldy items to carry from store to home in the entire world. They stick out of any carry bag or slide out onto the pavement  – become almost impossible to transport without swinging round and swiping someone getting on or off the bus! 
Look for presale on Christmas decorations - the reversible red to silver wrap just up “Martha “ street to be twizzled with scarlet and silver ribbon ties and some red berries. Ok last year it was 3 for 1 at Poundland but was tempted with this admittedly obvious style over contents of the actual gift etc. But that’s the secret anyway of wrapping for impact...  
The saving is not just in the price but in the pressing need to get home as soon as you can with this impossible package and therefore no straying to window shop or linger over post shopping (smug satisfaction) Christmas spiced coffee! P.S. you will anyway get some great ideas and treasures in your favourite charity shop thus avoiding the crowds and giving a present money can’t buy.  
Just remember; go wild on the wrapping!"