Friday, December 6

10E2290: Sun Mountain Sessions 2013 - Bromley

Attn parents: If you are wintering near Bromley in southern Vermont over the Christmas break there is a neat and inexpensive option for a youth snowboard camp. Dec 26th through Dec 28th - 3 days of shredtacular coaching and instruction called the Sun Mountain Sessions. Cost is $125 for the 3 days (or $50 per), lift ticket required. Certainly frees up mom and dad to get some runs... Yeaaah point it! We'll be roaming around too. One of the coaches, Andrew Maness, is a 10engines friend and gave me a quick quote;
"As always guest coaches will be stopping by to hang and show the kids what hidden gems Bromley has to offer. New for this year are 3 daily contests with prizes being handed out at the pizza party on the final day of camp. [cue J.J.Hapgood store's new pizza oven -ed.] Campers ages 12 and up of all skill levels are welcome. If you’re new to snowboarding just let the folks know so we can make arrangements for special instruction. 
We've had a few kids doing it since the start so we've got to watch them grow up which is pretty cool." 
Video below from last year. To register for the Sun Sessions contact the Bromley Ski&Snowboard School at (802) 824-5522 x301.