Wednesday, December 11

10E2292: Smoke Your Own Salmon - Tim Hayward

The fine art of the reblog... via the Guardian: "Tim Hayward visits London's Billingsgate fish market, a builder's merchant, sources some electrical equipment on eBay [Amazon -ed.] ... then shows us how to combine his unusual purchases to produce the finest home-smoked salmon". Automatic reblog...

Mentioned this guy Tim Hayward a few times before (start here); he is a British foodwriter/do-er, and along with his wife has revitalized an old bakery in Cambridge, England called Fitzbillies. As well as writing for the Guardian and FT he has a book out called Food DIY (easier to get in UK). As he says in the clip below "not suggesting you do it every week... just do it once, understand how it operates, how it works and reconnect...". Beyond just smoking a bit of salmon, I'd suggest the "it" he means here is our relation to food in general. Good stuff. He also does a solid line in twitter chat - especially when on the late-train back from London... @timhayward.