Thursday, April 2

swift one -de hems

Photo via Twenty Questions on flickr.

De Hems is a large (basement, main, 2nd floor) Dutch pub in London. On Macclesfield St., just off a sidestreet in Chinatown, a dash over from Soho (off Shaftesbury Ave.), and though this is a busy area in general you might miss it if you don't intentionally go, i.e. not so touristy as you might think. Our Man In London had to point it out to me. Plus you can head to the cheap/rude Wong Kei's after for singapore noodles. A million reviews online but this is typical.

I have to admit I am not sure what a "dutch pub" is but the place is woody and open, 20 foot ceilings, staff are great and there is a massive beer selection (for me that means every variety of Leffe, not so much into hefeweizen.) Class in a glass.