Tuesday, December 13

n'eaststyle x shinysquirrel pop up shop in boston

Friend and blogerella Christine Mitchell of N'EastStyle is co-hosting a shop-within-shop with Brooklyn based The Shiny Squirrel at Stel's on Newbury Street. This showcase features a mix of micro brands for men (Buckshot Sonny's, General Knot, Corter, Forestbound) and plenty of hardware for women (lobster claw bracelet jumped out, to me who knows nothing about it...)

Long/short if you want to see some of these brands live, or get a gift a little off the radar go have a look. They didn't have the Buckshot Sonny camo gloves on the first night, but I'm already wearing mine... Head to N'EastStyle for more pics of the goods on show.

Photo by Jon Gaffney of lacking self preservation