Friday, December 16

win this -native(x) scarf

Sacrf has been won. Congrats Richard. Little giveaway here thanks to the people at NATIVE(X).

NATIVE(X) scarves are crafted with Pendleton Woolen Mills' 100% pure virgin wool and branded with a leather label featuring Native American artist, Nathaniel Wilkerson's Medeek design. 20% of profits go to the artist. "These iconic symbols of America's past have plenty of modern mileage, and are woven and constructed in the USA. Measuring about 62 inches in length and 5 inches in width."

Same rules as before, 10th person to comment, email me or RT this wins. You can choose from the more red (top) or hazel design. If you don't win just jump over to the Native(X) site and snag one of these for a very reasonable $30; good stuff. Thx Mac.