Friday, December 23

oma in the spectator

Huge props to mum for generally being cooler than the other side of the pillow, but the newsflash is that the Christmas edition of The Spectator printed a letter she sent to them regarding presents/thrifting/thoughts on giving. It is in the print version only, in a section devoted to Thifty Christmas. Teaser below;
Secondhand /charity /vintage shops have plenty of treasures and the time and thought put into these finds are really the gift in themselves.

You can occasionally even give something that "money can't buy" nowadays, and a bit different from a catalogue or department store. Have always found that these really do surprise and delight everyone.

Put time and effort into the packaging and theme them up with other items for maximum effect e.g special tea with the tea cups or a book voucher tucked into a book.

This all may sound a bit "homespun and worthy" but if you go regularly to charity shops -you will soon find it addictive and more fun than traipsing around crowded shops [and avoiding the babycarriage brigade!-ed.] and there is always the thrill of finding something unexpected or even antique if you are lucky that day.
This will get filed with her note printed in The Scotsman about cold winters; "Reach for a sweater!" #rockstar