Thursday, December 1

that christmas eve cocktail party look

Soon it will be that certain winter evening in December and everyone headed out to the small church in the middle of town. One stop sign provides all the traffic control needed. Licorice keeps the small ones quiet. The Christmas "story" that night might be from Kermit's playbook. "The Orange" discusses the novelty and treat of oranges in rural New England in the 1940s and 1950s. One would have the wrap them in a blanket on the sleigh ride home so they would not freeze, but when that orange zest sprayed into the air you can imagine the freshness that would explode in a midwinter kitchen.

Afterwards the congregation heads to someone's house for food and drink. Is it our turn this year? Hope someone brings devilled eggs. You'll be dashing in an out of the house, and maybe pushing someone out of a snowy ditch so bring your gloves. One year I wore kelly green pants and Weejuns, no socks. Latest about 2 minutes... If you stay up late enough you can go out to the barn and see if the animals start to talk at midnight.