Thursday, August 11

bobby from boston -a documentary

Interview above by Lea Winkler.

Bobby Garnett owns Bobby From Boston, vintage clothing heaven pretty much. He came to the last Top Shelf Flea market in Somerville for a few minutes, we talked a bit of workwear -well he talked and I listened hard... Ouigi Theodore of the Brooklyn Circus did a great interview with him early this year, read it here. Love this quote where Bobby breaks down timelines;

“Antique clothing, which normally are clothes 100 years old or more but I would say 1920s and earlier are antique clothes. From the ‘30s to the ‘60s is vintage clothing and anything after that I consider specialty clothing.”
-via BKc blog

Some great interior shots over at LimitedHype and OMS Originals as well.


damion said...

nice insight to what he's got going on. I saw him @ Brimfield in the spring. He had a whole crew with him. I was nice to see them in action.

Lea Winkler said...


Thanks so you much for posting my documentary on your blog! Without you it would have not received so much recognition as it has. Make sure to check out my website

-Lea Winkler

james at 10engines said...

lea, tried to email you at, bounced. anyhow, this got picked up by valetmag and selectism. good stuff. j

Lea Winkler said...


oh I wonder why it didn't work. make sure you have the 13 too. is the address again. Again thanks for posting it. -Lea

vintageuk said...

Nice to see Bobby. We miss him!