Tuesday, August 30


"Vermont"; 1948 advertising art for the Container Corporation of America by Arthur Williams.

If you need up-to-date news on Vermont's post-Irene road closures, emergency management, #VTResponse help/volunteer info, and school closings look to VermontPublicRadio.

Amazingly the injuries and fatalities have been very low, but thoughts go out to those that are affected in this way. The historical loss of buildings and bridges, and the current state of isolation and infrastructure damage is massive though.

The Vermont Foodbank has a very active twitterfeed with statewide updates, and news on available supplies. They are asking for assistance raising emergency funds; if you text FOODNOW to 52000 that will donate $10 to the Vermont Foodbank, who will turn your donation into $60 worth of groceries for families in need.

There is a googlemap being updated with secondary road closures as well. See that here.

Has been surreal to watch places you know so well, and that have stood for perhaps a hundred years or more, get swept away. I didn't take them for granted before (see this whole damn blog...) but now I will cling onto those memories for dear life. Honestly was wary of posting anything about this as on one hand it is not Japan-level decimation, and on the other it is not just VT being affected of course. They just seem to have hit the jackpot of flash flooding and cut-off-edness...

At this point everyone I know is fine, even if they needed a ride in a bulldozer bucket w/ their 2 kids to escape the water... hats off to all the local crews and to all the work there is now to do.