Monday, August 22

anon -"vintage jake"

Retro-tastic new goggles, loaded with tech. 92mm tall frame and a spherical stamped lens with scratch resistant Solar Shield Technology™. $89 from Anon.

There is no doubt that the larger, spherical lenses and bigger frames are, if not here to stay, at least big this year. I bounced this off Dan Stanilonis at the newly formed ActionSportOptics and these were his thoughts;

"The goggle industry is for sure moving in that bigger frame direction, you'll see more of it moving forward is my guess. It really opens up the field of vision. I think the problem is going to be with helmet compatibility right now. Although as things progress, the goggles and helmets will be designed together to solve any problems; some already are, but more so going forward.

I am really loving the new bigger goggle frames. I think Dragon nailed it with the APX. I also like the Anon Comrade [cool rust/metal paint job too -ed.] And Spy is using Carl Zeiss lenses (on the Platton model), which are great quality."