Monday, August 15

buckshot sonny's -intro and sneak peek

Taking the nicknames of Max’s father and Joe’s grandfather, Joe Gannon and Max Wastler built Buckshot Sonny's in tribute to the sporting goods stores of old.

It’s the kind of place their grandfathers might have taken their fathers. Hoping to dust off some of the classics, Joe and Max hope to shine a light on the quality goods lining shelves of the sporting goods stores dotting the Main Streets of yesteryear.

They've stocked up on new and old, vintage and deadstock quality products and some semi-perishable items (No worms. Not yet, anyways) they've uncovered in their travels around the United States.

These two guys are working hard to create a world where buckwheat pancakes are a stand-alone food group, same with coffee and beer... Chore coats and cham'y shirts are elevated to pedistal status along with toboggans and baseball. At the upcoming NorthGRADE (Sept. 10, MN -a pop up men's market where everything is American-made) you will be able to discover and celebrate their finds.

I have a sneak peek of one of the items Buckshot Sonny's have rescued; deadstock Pointer Brand 5-panel hats, made using blanket lining material. They have secured the last dozens from a stockroom in Bristol, Tennessee. I love this Alaskan blanket/Troy Mills-referencing material in general, and pretty much geeking out on these caps. Good luck gents.