Friday, August 19

fridays are tie days -indian silk shantung from beau ties

Like the rough, nubby texture of silk shantung. Two new releases from Beau Ties are these plaids; Mountbatten and Basna. 40 clams. Like all their ties, handmade in Middlebury, VT.

A few days ago LAS (Sartorially Inclined) and Christopher Callis from Men of Habit discussed yay/nay of bow ties for Esquire. One additional comment I'd make is that while wearing a BT the thing is you don't actually see it in your peripheral vision (like a straight tie) so after a while you forget it is there and if you were (sub)conscious about wearing one, that feeling vanishes.

If just joining 10e, read the origin of the Fridays are tie days posts here.