Monday, August 1

the electric horseman

The Electric Horseman was the 5th time Sydney Pollack had directed Robert Redford, who along with Jane Fonda was by 1978 a bona fide superstar. There are populist themes here (evil corporations, nasty journalists) and a little action from Redford as the broken-down rodeo star [can we call this a subgenre of westerns right now -ed?], but it is the simple, rock solid performances that carry this one.

Also notable is the first acting appearance of Willie Nelson who supplies stonecold tunes to the soundtrack (My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Midnight Rider, Hands on the Wheel, Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys). Great way to spend 2 hours...

Stainless steel percolator ftw.

Redford's own Rolex Sub' w/ Navajo band attached.

Wilford Brimley plays a good samaritan farmer/trucker. Recognize him right?
He becomes Pop Fisher a few years later to Redford's Roy Hobbs in The Natural.
Sidenote: Penfield... can you remake this jacket please??

Wrong canyon, goons... Nice Pendelton though.