Wednesday, August 24


"Think Willy Wonka, but with pork scraps and fat instead of gold tickets and milk chocolate. -via"

In my head I sort of lump sausage patties in with scrapple [that's how you do it dear... -ed.]. But really, cleanly made scrapple from ethically raised/slaughtered pigs should be on any thinking person's radar -if they are a meat eater. It could be part of those OG nose-to-tail foods like blood pudding, but seems to get a lower status -no doubt from years of mechanically recovered meat headlines etc... Sure, we called it rat's meat at our school breakfast, but what did we know. It is ground pork offal, using plenty of liver, then let to set in its congealed fat. Commonly available in the lower Eastern states (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware) and seen in New England too.

10e contact Joe Gannon comes in hot with a recommendation for Hughes Delaware Maid Scrapple, from Felton, DE. Want a fried sandwich with apple jelly right now... This may be in the "don't want to know how it's made" category, but Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe did an episode here once and had a great time. No, it is not a dirty job per se -infact the place is spotless, just heavy lifting.
...almost everything is done by workers, not machines. Their pots are stirred by hand and not a mixer. The scrapple mixture, made of pork from Harleysville, Pa.-based Leidy’s meat processing company, is put into pans manually. And each brick of scrapple is [hand] wrapped...
-via DelawareOnline