Wednesday, November 7

10E2080: The 44th Annual Pawlet Game Supper - this Saturday

The famous Pawlet Game Supper, will return to the firehouse (155 Route 133, Pawlet VT) on November 10th, 2012. Looking forward to this bear, vension, pieandcheddar, stew-based freezer cleanout. Surprise visit to motherinlaw... don't tell. See our past coverage of the supper here and here. Plus it is a mindmelting view driving through the Mettowee Valley from Dorset to Pawlet around 5pm. Autumnal sundown. Fantastic.


21So.MapleSt. said...

Just received two nice venison roasts for Saturdays feast. Oven will be fired up Saturday morn and the decision will be made if its a red wine year or a stout beer year for the roasting...but always mckenzie maple cured bacon for the wrapping. See your there!p

Vanessa said...

Looks like a good time! When I was a kid, my dad and his friends would have a seasonal "Beast Feast."