Friday, February 4

carhartt -let's review 1

Could go on and on about the ubiquity of Carhartt in the workman's wardrobe. Just did. Until the turn of this century they may have cornered the market in outdoor workwear, with Dickies as their custodial/garage twin. Other brands like Walls, Red Kap, and Key mopped up the rest. That is not academic, if someone has definitive material would love to read it.

Since about 2000 Carhartt (US) has slowly changed fits and materials; from cardboard stiff, pencil straight waists to washes and tumbles and "relaxed". No doubt responding to requests, fine. Hoarders win. This older stuff is core to the 10e hi/low style and instead of starting I'm gonna just empty the files below. Thought of turning this into a browser crashing single post.. but settled for two.

No CarharttEurope, no graphic tees and no promotional items or collaborations. Most grabs from eBay, or ours. Mostly brown duck, blanket lined, and the people pictures are us. Love this stuff... [Part 2 will include Blue / Camo / Hoods / 100 Years Collection]

Photo by AnAffordableWardrobe.

Photo from BallyHoo Vintage forever ago.