Sunday, February 6

carhartt -let's review 2

Think the popover shirt below may be fake, anyone know? Good looking though...

Search for "workwear resurgance" on google and you'll find the same "trend" articles about every 5 years. I don't find this stuff ironical atall (except maybe the railroad hats... ), it is made to be worn and that is about it.

If stocking up on Carhartt was a habit then HNWilliams store in Dorset, Vermont was my crack house haha. Other places might have had more; but Billy's deadstock was the deadest, their new stock was the oldest... the good waffle longjohns that didn't stretch to hell -yeah they had those. #memories Again, most of these pics via eBay over the last 2 years. Did you miss Part 1?

Vest from tent sale at HNWilliams store over a decade ago.
Photo by Skye Chalmers.