Friday, February 11

powder jets

These Powder Jets are built by snowboard industry vet Jesse Loomis at his place in Rupert, VT. The edgeless, rear-stance, floaty snowboards hark back to the Elite/Performer Burtonboards of the 80s. Any woodsy types over 30 probably learned to ride on one of those Burtons in their backyard. Full disclosure; don't know Jesse myself but everyone in southern Vermont is 3 degrees from each other -know of him and his crowd.

The boards themselves are made with FSC certified maple and poplar, limited fiberglass, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) resin and finished with maritime urethane in a 600pound homemade steel press. Logo branded on... Use your regular boots and bindings.

The F-word is getting a little overused recently in snowboarding, but g'dammnit these look fun. Built for the backhill and whipping the nose through east coast treelines. Was writing this y/day and Appalachian Spring came on the radio; ride to that tune and blow your mind...

Long/short this PowderJet project really touched a nerve with me, fantastic. GetInTheVan documented Jesse&friends&family in full brokendown-farmhouse, backwoods-riding, beer-clinking glory.