Thursday, May 27

beagle outdoor wear

Nothing to do with dogs, and the wrong time of year for this... but just found Beagle Outdoor Wear, a Vermont based, made in USA, classic outdoor outfitter -been going since 1999. In the Johnson Wool mold to be sure but good to know. Jackets come in 3 different weights (Extreme, Stalker, Tracker) then the shorter Beagle [like -ed.] Sidenote: they have the pants on sale in an alternate charcoal grey herringbone for $160ish; beats their normal $280.
Beagle's trademark wool outerwear starts with tight weave, 22 oz. Melton wool made from 22 oz. Melton wool (80% wool/20% nylon) that is then treated with innovative materials.

Treatment #1 - DuPont Teflon Fabric Protector - It provides a stain and water repellent barrier.
Treatment #2 - Fabtex 5x membrane - A thin layer of breathable film is added to most garments, which stops wind and water from passing through, keeping you warmer and drier than simple wool.