Thursday, May 13

bourdain in maine

Met a few bloggerazzi last night and the subject turned to Maine, where some of the guys grew up... 3 big differences between VT and ME to me are the coast (having one), the dark interior (having one) and plus the state's name is only one syllable long... (thx wiki).

BTW, a certain Foster Huntington does a great job of documenting his energetic travels in the pine tree state for his blog Restless Transplant. Love his interviews with all the older characters.

Anyway, those with tv may have seen these, but I guess Anthony Bourdain headed up to Maine at the request of his longtime camerman. Fishermen -check, upcoast bluebloods -check, sled (snowmobile) riding bbq fans -check. Like VT there are plenty of trustafarians running slightly over-expensive enterprises (and providing jobs remember, that is the neverending dance, good luck to them) ... and damn it looks good. Put the coffee on, 50 mins of Tony below. (Thx to OneMan'sStyle for the heads up on this.)

[watched 3 episodes so far... hollly crpp the scallops look good.. I dont even like scallops haha]