Thursday, May 27

kitchen tools -beyond the basics 8

46. Tablespoon measuring jug. Brilliant idea... stop futzing around with multiple pours of greasy oil or whatever. Made by Catamount Glass in Bennington, VT and available at the recently launched Kaufmann Mercantile store -really worth a look, all borosilicate glass/leather/wood products. Clean as a whistle. Can't wait to see more.

47. Table top knife sharpener. Perfect for small knives like paring knife 48. which may be tough to manoeuvre on a carving steel. Both made by Rada Manufacturing in Waverly, Iowa. "This is the knife your grandmother used" -aluminum handled cutlery since 1948.

49. Love making freezer pops... just pour some orange juice in there and see you on the front steps after lunch. Millions of styles available but this model by Progressive International even comes with wooden sticks. (Get all Martha and write little jokes/notes on the sticks... you with me? Too much??)

50. A soda syphon to make seltzer (plain water carbonated with CO2) is a gas [woooooah -ed.] Think Tom&Jerry shooting these things, and it is also a fun/educational kid's project to create the seltzer. Just twist down the CO2 cartridge into the guide until the whole syphon is aerated. Neat to feel the cartridge go ice cold as it releases the pressurized gas into the syphon. Believe this is due to the remaining tiny amount of liquid CO2 evaporating to restore the pressure in the cartridge -anyone??