Tuesday, May 25

the william brown project

Going to warn you now... if you are a DIYing, vintage-shirt-collecting foody, who likes fishing and/or hunting and wants to one day keep some animals on an old farm that happens to have a Dwell-inducing glasshouse built next to your Airstream; do not click this link. TheWilliamBrownProject.

Out of the park. The site is by Matthew Hranek; of Wm. Brown Farms fame, and recognizable B&A photographer. His TheWilliamBrownProject blog might not clue you in that he is a pro shooter which makes it entirely relatable... a mix of fenceposty trawled images with family travel, thrifty finds, and goings on at the farm. Super inspiring to see a creative family man and wife living the dream. OK, stopping now. Some images reproduced below w/ Hranek's permission but seriously, get over there.