Saturday, May 15

that eyjafjallajokull look

You may be stuck in a airport with your small child for 48 hours... you'll get cold on the plane [or the airport since you are in Iceland -ed.] so something to stay warm that doesn't have to go over your head 100 times is key. JCrewCuts does versions of all this for that mimi-me look...

Thick Cardigan: JCrew. And some kind of chambray or gingham shirt. Blue.
Pants: Carhartt double-kneed painter's pants. Discontinued but available online. Cuff'em
Handerchief: Orvis.
Bowtie: Stick a tie in your bag just in case. Xoelle.
Schoosh; Burts Bees. Called sage, but smells woodsy.
Belt: Orvis, the D-ring thingy snaps off.

Did you have that Super Dictionary as a kid? Memories. It is a little heavy for carry-on maybe but hours of easy reading for the we'ans. I just started In the Heart of the Sea, fantastic.