Tuesday, May 25

week in review

V v fortunate to go on a sunnybreak last week; grandparents, young parents, siblings, and grandkids. Bit of a military operation with pack-n'-plays, strollers, luggage, snacks, toys, sunscreen etc (some of you know the drill...) but great memories made.

Groceries and food were expensive; beer was cheap(ish). Rowing guy above made a great logo for Sands beer. $35 a case. Liquor was cheaper.

Man I wanted this shop to be good... he also did marine upholstery, but the bags were infact drawstring purse type affairs with machine-stitched clipart fish... I'm going to just pretend they were killer plain-canvas-seabags and say I get all mine from Bill's on the Abacos. What, you don't know Bill??

Polarized glasses are key for the tricky act of bonefishing. Or be like Pops and leave them in your bag at home... Half the house favoured these Ray Bans, not strictly fishing glasses but damn the ladies looked good...

Watch is my brother's and he uses it as intended i.e. for outdoor, slightly nutty pursuits... Contains an altimeter, a barometer, a digital thermometer, weather trend indicator, and a digital compass. Change of pace from all the Timex Campers.

One of the regional hot sauces is this Conchy Joes in 4 eye-watering alert levels... Their literature states "tingles the tongue but doesn't remove the skin from your nostrils... satisfies with a burning heat". We tried the firey-hot (ouchy) and bought the hot&fruity (which is sort of like the old Inner Beauty -but much hotter). 1 bottle might last me 6 months I bet. Killer stuff.

Coral reef toob [amusing spelling alert -ed.]. Perfect for games of daddy-dive fetch... Sidenote: I don't usually floss about lifestyle stuff but this was pretty huge... thx Pops/N.