Tuesday, May 4

captain haddock

Re-reading some of the Tintin books to the youngsters I was surprised/amused/delighted to find that really, Haddock is the star... Lots of falldown humour at his expense (kids like when Haddock runs into doors, gets knocked over or his pipe burns in his pocket... man, they love that). Portraits above from the inside book flaps; print them and color for a rainy day activity.

[Potential spoiler alert] I had thought of Captain H perpetually in his naval sweater -for the books being filmed/animated (The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure) I hope they include the storyline where Haddock regains his family manor and assumes the role of the laird; with smoking jackets, riding gear and monocles. This is all accomplished in a semi-bumbling way (H needs a tray of monocles to keep up with his rate of loss; kids giggle again...) as well as copious bottles of whisky. See, something for everyone... Good stuff.