Friday, November 19

kate's homemade butter

Pops had a few Guernsey cows that he milked on and off for a decade maybe. Hell of a lot of work. We even made butter a few times, and cheese a bunch of times (fantastic). The butter was bright yellow (just read that may be because they ate grass rather than hay. ha!). Monet-dining-room-yellow. We took a big clean mason jar quarter full of cream and shook the hell out of it. Ball of butter formed leaving some watery milk. Good excuse to start collecting butter molds...

I love Cabot's butter, and could eat their seriously sharp cheddar till the cows come home [too much -ed.] but you have to give Kate's Homemade Butter a nod. Award winning real deal, literally made at home (in Dan Patry's garage) for the last 25 years, using rBGH-free cream. The wee girl on the package is Patry's niece, in a photo taken when they started the business.

via today's Kennebunk Post:
Kate’s Homemade Butter has started the approval process to move production from a residential area in Old Orchard Beach to a new facility to be built on Route 111 in Arundel [ME].

“It’s spectacular is what it is,” said Daniel Patry, founder and president of Kate’s Homemade Butter, of the location. “When we cleared the site for the building we were all shocked at what we had. It rolls nice, it will grow good hay for the cows.”

Since introducing his butter to the market in 1981, Patry has worked out of a 2,000-square-foot facility in Old Orchard Beach. The move to the larger building will allow Patry, along with his son, Lucas, who joined the company in 2005, to meet more of their butter demand. The larger production facility will also allow them to manufacture additional products... The company also plans to have its own dairy cows at the facility.