Wednesday, November 3

pawlet game supper -nov 13 2010

On November 13, 2010 be in Pawlet VT. The Annual Wild Game & Chicken Pie Supper. Menu is bear roast, venison roast, venison stew, mooseballs [like meatballs made out of... -ed.], chicken pie and vegetable, salad, homemade pies [yes w/ cheddar -ed.] and beverages. Doors open at 5 p.m. At the Pawlet Firehouse, 155 Rte. 133... you'll see the crowd, you can't miss it. Adults $12.00, under 12 $6.00. Need more info? 802-325-3495. (Read about 2008's dinner here.)

These things have a habit of disappearing right when you start to count on them... but this will be the 42nd supper hosted by the volunteer fire dept of Pawlet to raise funds. The drive from Manchester/Dorset over the flats to Pawlet is a stunner and by 4:30 the sun may be going down; cue sunset drive. Temp will dip though as you wait in line to get in; dress properly.

JacShirt: Johnson Woolen Mills; mine.
Shirt: Levi's olive flannel. In reality I only have 1 plaid flannel (wife's grandfather's) but like that chambray necklining there...
Vest: Johnson Woolen Mills, Japan-only makeup.
Nov 13th is opening day meaning first day of deer hunting in VT. Do not go for an early morning stroll w/o a blaze hat. Maybe forego the dawn/dusk strolls for a while actually.
Gloves: Brookville, Burly Bear. Gets cold waiting in line for 5 o'clock hence some old school Wathen's as backup.
Jeans: Jean Shop, Rocker. Been trying to bust these for the DenimeDebate.
Socks from the Vermont Country Store and boots from Maine.

If you get there way early, head into Mach's General Store in Pawlet and let the kids look down the viewing grate in the floor onto the (seasonably iced) waterfall.