Tuesday, November 16

pawlet supper 2010 -recap

The good photos are by a cousin, the crunched ones are mine... Saturday night was a great community event, the village of Pawlet's game supper to benefit the volunteer fire dept. You see a) the same people each year but b) also see people you haven't seen in years. Good stuff.

It falls on the first day of deer season so the crowd often still geared up from a day in the woods. I didn't go out but great excuse to wear wool pants for the inevitable short wait outside the firehouse. If you are going to wear a blaze hat, this is the day. Keeps your head on your shoulders.

Hey there's my ma-in-law. Save us a table! She did. Dinner served at 5pm, this is now 4:30. They weren't first in line...

The joke goes; the dinner is free, the $12 ticket is for the pie...
It is quite the operation. With 14 ten tops, and at least 3 seatings we figure they serve almost 500 people. That is a lot of moose(meat)balls.

Wilbur and Mrs. Quailfarm. You probably recognized them from the Peru Fair... Other guy saying; they gave me this much venison meatloaf! Was killer.

Heaped plate. Belt busting. Bowls of pickles, cheddar cheese and a wild rice/cranberry salad on the table. Chicken and biscuits were unnecessary haha. Think this is the only time Pops has worn a hat at the table.

So what now? Well you head home and lay on the floor practically comatose for an hour or so...

Next morning? Double header baby. Hit the Manchester VT (couple town's over) fireman's breakfast. You know it... Plus it featured the missing brother from our table; MFD's 2010 firefighter of the year working the egg station. Yeah Andy.

They even had Frank's hot sauce for the eggs. $7 well spent.