Monday, November 29

w/e update -everything but the turkey

We were here. Home base for "the collection".

Oyster and clam knife. Prepping for 5 o'clock...
An old boy had left Pops a deer's liver that week so some serious venison paté was on deck as well.
Barn score. Paging DDC...
Using up some apples. This will be breakfast too...
When you dream of bacon, this cob smoked stuff is what you are thinking of.
Had another great visit with this older gent. Deer season just wrapping up.

These boxes used to hold wheels of Cabot cheese.
The Vermont Country Store in Weston VT has them onsite for $4 a pop.
Great for sorting toys, gloves, etc. Made of pine I think.
On Friday morning an ice storm left 1/8 inch over everything.
Beautiful to look at. Forget walking across the road though.