Sunday, March 8

library -south londonderry vt

For the 22 people that have visited this blog, you may have picked up that I like books and libraries generally... and am interested in the issues libraries face -especially to do with the digital divide and rural libraries generally. I had the chance to visit a library this weekend that I had not been to for almost 30 years... in my mind's eye it is the place that sparked me to start a library science degree last year.

The South Londonderry Free Library in South 'derry, Vermont is just fantastic... it has expanded, now with 2 floors, a great Louis L'Amour/Edgar Rice Burroughs/dime store paperback selection that is well known to the horse trading crowd, a big children's room, 4 computers plus printers and free wireless. Love the book return box, and the fact that still have library cards (activate discussion about circulation reports now...), though they do have the collection searchable in an electronic form.

Grab a bite at the Village Pantry and head over.


Kristin said...

Did they still have old school wooden card catalogs? I confess, I miss those. Sometimes I wonder if kids today even learn about the Dewey Decimal System.

james at 10engines said...

they have a computer catalogue listing but they DO have the card/envelope in the back still.. love it. love seeing the last time a book went out, and you know it was you that took it.

Anonymous said...

My women is a librarian! and WE have a card catalog waiting to be refinished! =====================Jonathan Crane