Sunday, March 1

Carhartt - change of shape/fit

Top pair are 4 years old (so basically new...). This new fit cuts into your wait a bit (thus roomy through seat and thighs) while the second pair is 10 years old, beanpole straight. Both are 34/34 but do shrink down, as per other unwashed losing an inch at the waist and length at least. Trying, via the Internet Archive, and their wayback machine (try it) to check Carhartt's older sites to see when the change occurred, as can't find anyone else who nails it.

Activate new saved search in ebay, "carhartt <2004 a="a" bottom="bottom" brown="brown" color="color" comparison.="comparison." duck="duck" for="for" from="from" hood="hood" href="" lot="lot" of="of" old="old" one="one" original="original" prefer="prefer" shot="shot" surgeons="surgeons" the="the" tree="tree" wear="wear" year="year">ArborWear since they are softer out of the box. Still too baggy for me though. Take home: bring back the "traditional fit" please.