Tuesday, March 17

port out starboard home

Song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the movie, based on the children's book written by Ian Fleming (illustrated by John Burningham of Mr. Gumpy fame). Always loved the breakfast machine they had.

Port Out Starboard Home (POSH) a shorthand for high living as these cabins were on the shaded side when traveling to the far east. There is some debate as to the truth of this definition, but it's adoption can't be denied. Easy way to remember which side is port... and which color associated (green/red)... "pass the red port left" (or have heard "there is no red port left" in our house). Knew an older lady that wore a massive emerald on the right hand and a ruby on the other, gift from a sailor.

The original book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang might be good for an 8ish year old, as some kidnapping and dynamiting going on in addition to the flying/sailing car.