Thursday, March 19


After this 400th post will be on radio silence for a few days. If you are reading this, 70% chance you came here via the powerhouse A Continuous Lean (big ups), 20% chance from All Plaidout (many thx), everyone else seems to arrive by googling "cat power x levis", "lee storm rider" or "carhartt font"... good stuff.

Since the last round up (200) have been having fun with some recurring sections; head to toe setups, bookshelf, late to the party, and bookmark. A couple of the following buried posts might amuse... the kilt, sugaring, vintage lures and jnr bonner.

Next up: w/ the assistance of my textiles cousin I want to get the backstory of the elephant logo on old bandanas, and will have a big report from the upcoming 2009 US Open Snowboard Championships. See you in the beer garden...

[Update: Friday at Stratton, The Washed Up Cup... aging shredders race GS... cannot wait.]