Monday, March 16

bookshelf -the continuing struggle

The Continuing Struggle : Autobiography of a Labor Activist.

This is a fascinating memoir of a key figure in the unionization of the coal industry in Illinois and beyond by C.H.(Hank) Mayer. A warts and all history. The pages were hand typed by his assistant, and underlines done with a ruler. Awesome. No copies on amazon/google books, but if you look copies are around. This author later moved back to the land, 1950's VT.

I am no expert on Scott Nearing (who wrote the foreword here), but Mayer and Nearing not only shared some ideology but also love for the state of Vermont.  We have several copies of Scott and Helen Nearing's The Good Life, and it is a great homesteading read. Anyone interested in homesteading or the history of southern Vermont in the 40s-60s just before the ski areas arrived needs to have a copy.