Wednesday, March 11

that us open beer garden look

The beer garden is as much a part of The Open and spring snowboarding as tshirts and pipe gloves. A few years back it was up by the halfpipe, been down at the base since... Regardless, if you want to catch up to somebody the answer is clear; meet at the beer garden after.
Jacket: mine. Levi's blanket lined, big E. Lining worn out at right hip due to my knife rubbing. $2 thrifty attic find.
Pants: Vintage Lee work pants via Ballyhoo Vintage. Great resource.
Shoes: Chippewa moc toe (very Irish Setter-y). They don't seem to offer this model anymore. Pops has worn this pair on and off for over 20 years. Cordovan polish then mink oil.
Gloves: Marmot Lifty.
Shirt: JCrew. Completely caved here... yes the vintagey chambray. But if any outoftowners coming to The Open or in Manchester (VT) soon, the JCrew outlet has a whole rack of them for $58 plus 25% off. Otherwise it is Sears Western.
Belt: Billykirk Mechanic's. Covered buckle so you don't scratch anything or shock yourself.
Knife: Leatherman Flair. The only offering with a corkscrew. Look a bit silly carting around any tools and can't even open a bottle in my opinion. Hey it even has a gerkin fork...essential.
Glasses: JPeterman Fort Knox. Cannot fault these at $60.
Feel naked if I leave the house without a snotrag/potholder/coasterbandana in my inside pocket. I have no problem buying vintage bandanas from ebay etc... that's not gross right.
Reading material: Snowboard Magazine (this cover a fave; Mikey LeBlanc as 'the tobogganist')