Tuesday, March 31

marco pierre white

Photo via yumsugar

Finished MPW's easy reading bio The Devil in the Kitchen recently but without a clip it may be hard to see what the fuss is about. Don't know if that recent Chopping Block show was a good fit for him... MPW is the draw, not 8 whiny couples...

I posted this clip before, but it is a great example of his back-to-basics approach. Anyway, I love making fish pie for M and the boys, so easy and good for you. [Just realised those white pots and pans -get it, white -are his line.]

"Cooking should be a pleasure... if it's a job get a takeaway."

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Kristin said...

mmmm...pork fat, star anise...yum.

i would change his quote to "cooking should be a pleasure, if it's not, hang out with people for whom it is." that's pretty much my strategy.