Wednesday, March 11

that us open beer garden look

The beer garden is as much a part of The Open and spring snowboarding as tshirts and pipe gloves. A few years back it was up by the halfpipe, been down at the base since... Regardless, if you want to catch up to somebody the answer is clear; meet at the beer garden after.
Jacket: mine. Levi's blanket lined, big E. Lining worn out at right hip due to my knife rubbing. $2 thrifty attic find.
Pants: Vintage Lee work pants via Ballyhoo Vintage. Great resource.
Shoes: Chippewa moc toe (very Irish Setter-y). They don't seem to offer this model anymore. Pops has worn this pair on and off for over 20 years. Cordovan polish then mink oil.
Gloves: Marmot Lifty.
Shirt: JCrew. Completely caved here... yes the vintagey chambray. But if any outoftowners coming to The Open or in Manchester (VT) soon, the JCrew outlet has a whole rack of them for $58 plus 25% off. Otherwise it is Sears Western.
Belt: Billykirk Mechanic's. Covered buckle so you don't scratch anything or shock yourself.
Knife: Leatherman Flair. The only offering with a corkscrew. Look a bit silly carting around any tools and can't even open a bottle in my opinion. Hey it even has a gerkin fork...essential.
Glasses: JPeterman Fort Knox. Cannot fault these at $60.
Feel naked if I leave the house without a snotrag/potholder/coasterbandana in my inside pocket. I have no problem buying vintage bandanas from ebay etc... that's not gross right.
Reading material: Snowboard Magazine (this cover a fave; Mikey LeBlanc as 'the tobogganist')


Kristin said...

they make a leatherman with a corkscrew? man, i need a new one. i'd happily give up the fish scaler on mine for a corkscrew.

Foster Huntington said...

gotta love the leatherman.

Lisa said...

Dennis loves his leatherman!

james at 10engines said...

Thanks NYT. James

Anonymous said...

Found this through the NYT... This is very funny. I've worn these sunglasses for years. They're actually American Optics Aviators (for Pilots). You can get them for half the price at any Army/Navy surplus store. If you're going to dress like the masses it doesn't really make sense to pay double for it.

james at 10engines said...

thx anoNYTmous. yes those are the PX glasses. didn't know they were available for $30 in the outside world. good tip.