Tuesday, April 26

keela -new to me 3

Another unsung outerwear company in use by rescue team, forestry services and military types in Europe (especially Scotland -thx Louise) is Keela. They have a USA site now too, here.

Keela International started as a taped seam operation, then utilised a homebrewed System Dual Protection® (outerlayer, gap, membrane, inner layer) and created their own garments. They use Ventile on other pieces. Not a lot of bells and whistles but the wired peaks are nice. $60 - $200 range.

So, where are Keela jackets made?
Keela jackets are made in our Scotland home facility in Glenrothes, Scotland, as well as in our sister facility in Sri Lanka, run by the company founders’ extended family. Look for the label inside your jacket to see where it came from. Many of our limited run Ventile jackets are made in Scotland.
-via KeelaUSA
The Waterbug rainsuit for kids looks like a winner as well.